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Our clients define our success


"Great candidates don’t look at job boards, LI jobs or review companies because they aren’t looking and don't have the time."

CA / Automic

" “The team at KEY MAN Search understand DevOps and the complex, Enterprise sales skills we require. Time and time again this team delivers experienced and proven Enterprise Reps for my team.  When I can get a high degree of qualified candidates, my onboarding is shortened, which means quicker producing reps and more revenue for my organization, thus resulting in higher employee satisfaction.   In 12 yrs. of Sales leadership, Doug’s team provides the most consistent, exceptional candidates, as compared to other search firms.”


Joel Carabello, Vice President Automic Software (July 2017)


Scale-Out Projects

What is the Scale-out Project?


A Scale-Out Project is a committed arrangement that allows our team to focus specifically on an individual client with a hiring minimum of six (6) roles to fill.

Below are examples of our success for our clients.


Scale-Out Performance

 2 - Area Sales Directors

 7 - Account Executives

 3 - Sales Engineers

 3 - Digital Strategist


"Recruiting is hard in a segment few understand. The DevOps talent pool is currently quite small. Doug's been in the shoes, sold this automation and he knows how to find and attract great candidates. He delivered many Sales, SE's, and Digital Strategists from this complex tech segment. His team has been instrumental in our growth. KEY MAN is our go to recruiting Partner".   


Joel Carabello, VP Sales West

( October 2018 -


Scale-Out Performance

 6  - Sales Engineers


"This team just understands the needs of time-sensitive, early-stage vendors and with their deep technical chops, they attract and source exceptional SE talent."  


Curt Lindenberger VP Sales Engineers NA

( July 2018 - January 2019)

Atomic Software / CA

Scale-Out Performance

 13 - Account Executives

 4   - Sales Engineers

 2   - Digital Strategist

"At the January 2017 SKO meeting, we launched scale-out plans for North America. The only recruiting vendor that even knew what ARA (Application Release Automation) is was Doug at KEY MAN Search. His DevOps knowledge is amazing and his ability to engage, source the level of talent we needed was quite unique and impressive. Stop wasting time and hire KEY MAN Search. " 


Christopher Vercelli- CRO ( January 2017 - July 2018)


Scale-Out Performance

 3 - Account Executives

 1 - Dir. Sales Enablement

 2 - Sale Engineers

"We just closed our "B" round and are in scale-out of our Sales and SE Team nationally. We called upon Doug at KEY MAN Search. His knowledge of the Hybrid cloud market and understanding of the type of "hunter" Sales Reps and SE's we need is a huge advantage. Expect qualified Reps and SE's from KEY MAN Search.  A true recruiting Partner for us." 


David Payne, Vice President Sales Engineers

( Nov. 2016 - Feb 2017)

" KEY MAN Search delivers us quality, experienced talent. We are very happy with their service and speed in delivering candidates. They really understand the talent needed in the Cloud Security industry and can articulate our value proposition to candidates. We rely on them and they deliver."


Drew Porter, Vice President NA Sales

(April 2016- Oct 2016)

Scale-Out Performance

 3 - Account Executives

 1 - Dir. Inside Sales


"We approached KEY MAN Search after landing our "A" round of funding. We are in our scale-out phase for a national Sales and SE teams. KEY MAN Search understands Cloud infrastructure, our offering, the startup culture and the type of talent we require.They have presented us exceptional, quality candidates that we've hired. They are a trusted and loyal partner in our scale-out plan."


Andy Green, Vice President WW Sales (November 2016)

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