Welcome to Talent Tuesday (June 2020)

What's Talent Tuesdays? Each Tuesday we provide our registered members a weekly grouping of passive and active Sales, Sales Engineers, VP's, Customer Success, and Channel candidates to request for an interview. These candidates are looking for the "right" opportunity, been screened by our team, and are excellent. Our network of candidates are the best of the best.  candidate number and email us: talent@keymansearch.com. Upon receiving your email request a quick introduction call and a Fee Agreement needs to be executed. If the candidate is hired a discountYou'll receive a 20% discount off the candidate fee if hired from these captured, passive candidates below.

Welcome to Talent Tuesday (June 2020)

Welcome to Talent Tuesdays

Need Talent? Sales, SE's, CSM's, Channel, or Alliance / BD?


Every Tuesday we provide our registered members a PDF for download with new passive and active candidates. We source 100's of the best Sales, Sales Engineers, VP's, Directors, across the US weekly. Our clients know the quality of Talent we source (please go to the testimonials page) and we offer these captured candidates to clients to interview immediately. If hired, the client pays a simple flat fee equal to a 25% discount from our traditional 18% of base salary.

How to get started:

1) Login to create your Membership             >>>>>>>>>>

2) Please use your Company email address

3) Each member is approved within 24 hours. (Recruiters rejected)

4) Email us for questions at talent@keymansearch.com

Note> For new clients a Fee Agreement will need to be executed prior to spreadsheet reviews or downloads.

" Great candidates don't look at job boards, LI jobs, or review companies because they aren't looking and don't have the time".

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